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Rokon Trailbreaker: A Motorcycle For The Apocalypse

Posted in 4x4, Bizarre, Cool Stuff, Motorcycle, Off-Roading by Kurt Ernst | June 8th, 2010 | 5 Responses |

At first, six horsepower tied to a centrifugal clutch doesn’t sound all that interesting. How much fun could you possibly have on a trail bike that tops out at 35 miles per hour and looks like it was styled by the Russian army? If you can get past that, and look at the capabilities, you’ll be suitably impressed. The two wheel drive Rokon Trailbreaker will cross streams two feet deep. It’s go through twenty-four inches of snow, too, and will climb a sixty percent grade with zero drama. It’s part trials bike, part Jeep CJ and part mountain goat; where it will go is limited only by the riders absence of common sense.

A Rokon Trailbreaker on the dawn patrol. Photo: Rokon

Don’t think the Trailbreaker is just for deer hunting, stalking Bigfoot and other assorted backwoods hoonage. If you check the order list, you can equip the Trailbreaker to do just about anything. Want a Power Take Off? You can get one. Log skidder? Sure, that’s an available option, as are a 2,000 watt generator, an irrigation pump, a 3 reel lawn mower, a broadcast spreader, a cultivator and a disc harrow. No matter what you want your Trailbreaker to do, there’s probably an attachment for it. Since it’s low tech, you can fix just about anything with a few adjustable wrenches, a screwdriver and duct tape. If you can’t keep a Trailbreaker running, you have no business turning wrenches on anything that’s powered by an internal combustion engine.

At a starting price of $5,975, the Trailbreaker isn’t cheap. Here’s the good news: Rokon has been building them for 50 years, so there are plenty of good used examples to be had. If you need a motorcycle that will truly get you to hell and back (and plant crops while you’re there), the Rokon Trailbreaker looks like a pretty sensible choice.

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5 Responses

  1. e46 fanatic says:

    These things are the coolest! 2 Wheel drive, extra gas storage in the wheels and a go anywhere attiude….Not sure about the new ones, but the top speed on the older models was always disappointing, but then again, it wasn’t intended for speed.

  2. Kurt says:

    e46, the top speed on the new ones is 35 miles per hour in top gear. That may be dull on the road, but it’s plenty entertaining on a tight, steep trail or blasting across a field full of gopher holes.

    Besides, you can’t get a lawn mower attachement for a Honda CRF 450X…

  3. Ain’t cheap to me. Looks like a nice bike though.

  4. David Fekete says:

    I just got my new Rokon about a week ago. It’s the perfect machine for my rocky, hilly land. As long as it proves to be dependable I will keep this thing for a long time. It’s very fun and will go anywhere. I’m not real impressed with how the front chain is tightened…I have the front forks with the shock absorber and wished I would have just gotten the standard front forks. All in all it’s fun, very powerful, and quite impressive in it’s capabilities, however I do believe it’s quite a bit over priced.

  5. Kurt Ernst says:

    David, I agree that it’s overpriced, but the Rokon really is the only thing in its class. They hold their value a bit better than conventional motorcycles, so if you keep it long enough you’ll be alright.