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Roehr Electric Motorcycles Give You Performance At A Price

Posted in Electric Vehicles, General, Motorcycle, Racing, Track Events by Kurt Ernst | July 19th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |
Roeht eSuperBike

A Roehr eSuperBike. Photo: Roehr Motorcycles

Want to go green on two wheels, but have the need for speed? Are you too impatient to wait for next year’s Brammo Empulse naked sportbike? I’ve got good news for well-heeled aficionados of green motorcycles: your sportbike is here, and all it takes to buy one is cash. A significant amount of cash.

Roehr, an American motorcycle manufacturer, builds three models of electric bikes. The “entry level” bike is called the eSuperSport, and comes with a 48 horsepower motor powered by 5.8 Kw/h worth of batteries. It’s got a legitimate 100 mile per hour top speed, and a claimed range of 80 miles, less if you’re constantly at wide open throttle. Sticker price? A lofty $16,995.00.

Moving up through the range, the eSuperBike gets you two 48 horsepower motors and 7.7 kw/h worth of batteries. The 96 horsepower put out by the combined motors gives the eSuperBike a top speed of 135 miles per hour and a claimed range of 100 miles. As you’d expect, the penalty is added weight (500 pounds, versus the eSuperSport’s 395 pounds) and added cost. A Roehr eSuperBike will drain your bank account by $27,595.00.

Want to go just as fast, with quicker acceleration and a little better handling? Better yet, want a competitive racebike for the TTXGP or e-Power series? The eSuperBike RR gives you a full Ohlins suspension, lighter wheels, direct drive and an optimized battery pack. The price for all this go-fast goodness? A staggering $34,495.00.

Roehr motorcycles aren’t for everyone, since their focus appears to be track days and competition. Their eye opening price tags are the result of high tech in a low volume manufacturing environment; as with the Tesla Roadster, they’re expensive because Roehr builds them in limited quantities.

I’m happy to see firms pushing the envelope for electric motorcycles, and I’m confident that the prices will fall in line once the market establishes itself (and production volumes increase). You can order a Roehr motorcycle today, so we’re not speculating on future technology here. I’d love the opportunity to wring one out, and I promise to keep you posted if I get the chance.

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