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Posted in General, Road Trips by Ryan | March 27th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

I’m truckin’… like the doodah man.

You may recall David Allen’s earlier coverage of Same Lane, the company that allows you to make live phone calls from one car to the another vehicle in front of you. A recent article by VroomVroomVroom introduces a related technology called PL8SCAN which allows you to text-message registered users by calling their license plate number as they drive past. I’m not exactly sure of the logistics of the technology, as I imagine that texting while driving isn’t the safest way to go. (Even where justified, when someone who just cut you off and “needs a lesson” in manners). But if you have passsengers, they could be the ones to text message. (Also check out the website Platewire, which lets you report the license plates of bad/rude drivers.)

In addition to PL8SCAN, the geek’s driving logistics article covers another 25 resources and applications, some web 2.0, all of which contribute to planning a great road trip. Vroom’s article will provide those of you with a lust for the road with a lot of new planning tools to help you shave time off your trip and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

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