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Road Rage in the Parking Lot of Walmart: ‘Ornery B’ Don’t Take No Backtalk

Posted in Bizarre, Newsworthy, Parking, Roads, Safety, Scandal by Vito Rispo | May 4th, 2009 | 1 Response |


Sixty-seven year old Charlie Bruener and his wife Donna were driving down US-27 in Alexandria, Kentucky, when they say they were cut off by 82 year old Beecher Davis. Unfortunately for the Bruener’s, they would soon find out that Mr. Davis is the most ornery old man in the great state of Kentucky.

According to the Charlie Bruener, Mr. Davis followed them down US-27 until they pulled over in a Walmart parking lot, at which point Mrs. Bruener called 911. Mr. Davis then revealed his well earned title of “Most Ornery Octogenarian in Kentucky” by getting out of his van and approaching the Bruener’s car huffing and puffing mightily.

Read on for the conclusion:

My Homie Ornery B
Ornery B sez: “If you call me a SOB., I’ll slug you, too.”

Mr. Bruener then said “Get away from here you SOB“, at which point Beecher “Ornery B*” Davis punched Mr. Bruener in the jaw. Squarely. In a interesting turn of events, the punch-ee, Mr. Bruener, reached for his Derringer pistol (for which he has a concealed carry permit), but the King of all that is Ornery was, naturally, unphased.

He told me to shoot him! He pointed it right at his chest and he said shoot me! I said Mister I will shoot you if you don’t get away from me.” said Bruener. “I said get away from me you SOB nut you know like that and then I get hit again in the chin! He hit me again in the chin!” Indeed. That’s how it happened. Really.

Police arrived and booked Ornery B into the Campbell County jail on an assault charge. He was later released on bond. According to the police report, officers asked Davis why he approached Bruener’s car instead of just calling the police. Davis told officers he doesn’t like being called an SOB. His direct quote to the police officer asking the questions…
If you call me a SOB, I’ll slug you, too.

*note: nickname bestowed by the Ridelust staff. Not Mr. Davis’ real nickname. Well, now it is.

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One Response

  1. Dean says:

    I’m confused. Did Davis cut off the Brueners then somehow follow them from in front to a Walmart?

    Also, why should Davis, who cut off the Brueners, have called the police? He cut the Brueners off, and neither of them (even with the poor driving) was doing anything up until the assault and battery that could have been considered illegal or worthy of a call to the police according to the story here.

    Follow up: Nevermind, it seems the Brueners may have inadvertently upset Mr. Davis somehow with their driving:

    Their ordeal began several miles up the road while they were turning out of a hardware store on US 27.

    According to Kentucky Post:

    “Out of the corner of my eye I caught something moving and I look and here comes this van and I put on the brakes and he just cut us right off. He almost hit us!” said Charlie Bruener, Sr.

    Bruener says 82 year old Beecher Davis began following them as they headed down US 27.