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Road Going Failures – Ridelust Style

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One of the beauties of living in the New York metro area is that we’re exposed to everything you can imagine. I’ve lived my entire life here and I can tell you from experience that New York is a place like no other. From the subways, to the buses and from Times Square all the way down to Alphabet City, NYC is a place that never disappoints. The same holds true for the vehicles that grace our pothole riddled roads. We’ve got cars in service here that are literally held together with duct tape and zip ties, as well as cars that like to convey messages to all those around them. Because of this I’ve learned to always keep a camera in my car for just such occasions. The following is a quick pictorial of a few of the rolling oddities I’ve seen over the last two weeks while tooling around the NYC area.

• Charger Balls

Dodge Charger

Yep, apparently the gentleman driving this silver V6 powered Dodge Charger felt that it needed a little more umph in the way of testosterone. The solution – a low-slung pair of silver balls hanging from the rear bumper. His mother must be so proud.

• Disco Dodge

Dodge Van

Here’s a little known fact about me, I grew up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn the same city where Saturday Night Fever was filmed. As a kid disco was a neighborhood mainstay and by the age of eight I had had enough of it, so when I saw this notice on the back of this van my first thought was to run it off the road. Since that’s generally frowned upon though, I simply sped by trying desperately to block out the disco ball images of my youth.

• Key Job

Nissan Altima

I felt kind of bad for the lady driving this Nissan Altima, as it was obvious she was embarrassed by the tasteful lettering on her door. Now, there may in fact be some awesome story as to why someone did this, or it may just have been done by some scumbag punks. Either way though this car needs a trip to the paint shop pronto!

• When 6 wheels just isn’t enough…

Cadillac Escalade

There is a fine line between trying to be creative and then simply messing something up. Here we see a Cadillac Escalade that has been stretched with two more rear axles added to it. I would assume the reasoning was to have it be unique, but in my opinion this thing is a complete failure. Besides, this is New York… where the hell are you going to park that sucker?

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