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Indy Car Drivers Pissed Over Rising Gas Prices {parody}

Posted in Gas Prices by David | May 28th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

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The 33 drivers participating in last Sunday’s 92nd running of the Indianapolis 500 were distracted by sky-high gas prices, which rose three times during the race, causing several crashes and an exceedingly high number of caution flags.

After Ryan Briscoe clipped Danica Patrick’s car in pit row on Lap 171, Patrick exited her car in a fit of rage. Instead of confronting Briscoe, she made an aggressive beeline toward her refueling crew to give them a piece of her mind.

Track sources say that earlier in the race, Patrick’s Citgo card had been declined for being over the limit during a routine pit stop. Patrick nearly ran out of gas before her crew was able to cobble together the $584 required to fill her IndyCar’s 35-gallon tank for another 28 laps of racing.

“I’m just the fuel guy; I don’t set the prices!” said Gianni Cutri, the head of Patrick’s three-member refueling team as he ran to hide in an opposing team’s garage.

While this is just funny, the truth of the matter is gas prices have risen 20 straight days with no end in sight, topping 4 dollar a gallon in so many places that now all of a sudden Electric Cars to some is an inexpensive future.

At this rate, people won’t be lusting after any cars, except hybrids and electrics.

Source: Free Associated Pressvia Michelle Miller

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