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Ripping through Moscow on a Yamaha R1

Posted in Motorcycle, Racing, Videos by MrAngry | September 28th, 2010 | 4 Responses |

Years ago I used to commute into New York City on a daily basis by motorcycle and I loved it. I would wake up, throw on my leathers, helmet and gloves and hit the road for my 30 mile journey into the Big Apple. For the most part the commute was uneventful, but there were times that it could, due to traffic conditions also get pretty hairy. The above video shows a gentleman shredding the streets of Moscow, Russia on an older Yamaha R1. Yes, this guy is moving and yes he obviously knows how to ride a bike, but my thinking is that he is one lucky bastard. You see the one constant that traffic has over every motorcyclist out there is that it is completely unpredictable. I found this out the hard way when a woman made an illegal left in front of me one day. The result was surgery, two years of physical therapy and one totaled motorcycle. So, while this video may be exciting to watch and enjoy it should also come with the “Don’t Try This At Home” disclaimer.

Source: Youtube.com

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4 Responses

  1. SNAK3 says:

    thats how you make a 2 hour commute a 6 min 37 second commute. He apparently does this quite often but he still has ???????? ????.

  2. SNAK3 says:

    i guess this website doesn’t support russian lol

  3. bonghitsforjesus says:

    It should come with a disclaimer not to do it in America. I’ve never seen ppl drive so bad before I got my ass across the ocean.

  4. Shahroz says:

    i’d give myself some ample room when riding, especially when the the crush-zone is about 1 inch thick and is attached to your head

    intense video… but definitely not a thing to be proud of lol