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Riot Racing: 2011 Battle at Primm Teaser

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Riot Racing

Some people like Formula 1, others Nascar and ALMS, but for my money and as a spectator, there is no more exciting sport then that of off-road racing. If you view the site regularly then you may remember the first video we posted of Riot Racing as they were getting ready for their 2010 run from Las Vegas to Reno in Nevada. The guys of Riot Racing, their vehicles, and their attitude towards winning are all hardcore. In their newest trailer for the 2011 season entitled, “Battle at Primm” we see the determination of Riot Racing as they enter the first race of the 2011 SNORE series. The video, shot in high definition, mixes slow motion shots with some quick commentary and truly shows what these trucks are made of. The amount of punishment they can take is simply mind boggling, as are the speeds they can achieve. This is not beginner go-karting or jr. drag racing… this is the real deal and it’s put together by some of the best in the business. Now sit back, click through and enjoy the video.

Source: RiotRacing.com

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