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Rimless F1 concept car takes racing innovation to the next level.

Posted in Concept Cars, Cool Stuff, Formula 1, General, Racing by MrAngry | June 28th, 2010 | 4 Responses |

F1 Rimless Concept Car

The technology used by Formula 1 teams is some of the most advanced used in any type of motor sport. Changes to every aspect of a car take place year after year in an effort to not only make cars safer, but to improve speed and handling. Because of the constant progress in the sport designers and engineers are always looking ahead and trying to envision what the next big enhancement to these automobiles will be. Now it seems that one designer in particular has taken everything learned from current F1 designs and in his concept, moved it to the next level.

F1 Rimless Concept Car

Designer Cesar Augusto Idrobo Giraldo (yes, that is his real name) decided to create is own Formula 1 concept car and in the process incorporated some truly innovative features. His idea was simple, take a normal F1 car but utilize less parts while at the same time retaining all of its safety, handling and speed. Sounds easy right?

F1 Rimless Concept Car

What Giraldo did here was create a design intended to evoke reaction, thought and ideas. Obviously the biggest and most noticeable aspect is that the wheels are completely rimless. The idea is to take the weight that would have been used in a rim design and redistribute it throughout the car and or use the material used in the rims to make other parts of the car stronger. It’s hard to say if any of these ideas will ever see the light of day, in the end though the key is to keep future designers and engineers guessing and thinking about the “what if’s” and “maybe’s” that could possibly be incorporated into the sport in the future.

Source: AutoEvolution.com

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4 Responses

  1. barkingllama says:

    How do you quickly change the tires?

  2. Yokesh Prabhu says:

    I Have 1 Doubt,

    Don’t You Think Having Exhaust just in front of the Rear Wheel tire which it might heat the tire up, and loose its grip faster in the race,
    that is like if this design goes for real in F1!
    I’m not a pro in auto, i just had doubt


  3. james bond says:

    you are right, the exhaust would burn up those tires. beautiful car though, i also think that the space less rim wont last longer either.

  4. Shane Gibson says:

    Formula cars must keep their tires at an extremely high temp in order to have enough traction to hit high g’s in the corners, don’t forget they are made completely different than any tire we see on the street. The exhaust location might even decrease lap times significantly. Although it would change all the dynamics of the car and its handling, the driver would need to know how to handle these changes and hold the correct slip angle and yaw moment entering during and exiting the corner. Which all again depends on the tires material composition and temp they are designed for.