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RIDEMAKERZ helps you customize your dream car.. RC style

Posted in General, Toys by will bee | July 31st, 2007 | 3 Responses |

A Visit to Ridemakerz, Making Those Ridez

A walk into a RIDEMAKERZ showroom gives you the immediate feeling of walking into a dream car garage… only in miniature. With a selection of dozens of body styles and paint jobs to “chooze” from you have the ability and the cooperative guidance of their pit crew to build the car you always wanted but in a size you can afford. In their build area you select the wheels, the graphics and exhaust, the sounds to go with it, the spoiler and then some. There are enough customization parts available to make any gearhead giggle yet enough amusement in the process to entice the non-gear-inclined as well.

A Visit to Ridemakerz, Making Those Ridez

Once your ride is ready to roll it comes packaged in a sweet tool box carrier and you are ready to hit the streets… er sidewalks, patio, kitchen floor, where ever. You also get to register your car at the store and receive cusomized tagging so that your Build-an-RC is logged forever in the archives of the RIDEMILEZ Club. It is like Build-a-Bear but much less fluffy.

Come November there will be four locations where you can build your dream ride. In the meantime check out the RIDEMAKERZ webpage and start thinking about your own personal dream car build. Whether you choose a controlled car or a free wheeler you are certain to have a blast.

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3 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    If you let them build it, they will come……Doing mine in a couple of weeks. hehe

  2. harvey godber says:

    hi i was just wodering im just gettig i to rc card wat would u recomend for me

  3. Ebonie Merriweather says:

    I am looking for a customized remote control csr. Do you guys have this service?