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RideLusts Top 5 Fuel Efficient Cars You Cannot Have… Yet!

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There are a number of concept cars being proposed by the various auto manufacturers and each comes with its own set of fuel efficiency promises. While it is never wise to take all of their promises to heart it IS okay to look forward to the potential that they promise. So with our eyes on a better tomorrow we have compiled a list of RideLusts Top 5 Fuel Efficient Cars You Cannot Have… Yet!

Number 5:
The Tesla Roadster makes our list at Number 5 as a light, all-electric, plug-in roadster that may allow your gas card to collect some dust in a drawer or to sit so long in your wallet it sticks to the leather. The Tesla has a faster zero-to-sixty than a Ferrari, has sports car styling and has an ever growing Green conscious. If not for delays and some necessary adjustments on the corporate level the Tesla Company may have been fulfilling some of their orders for their EV Roadster already. Instead they have a growing list of people willing to put anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 down for the future roadster with a $100,000 price tag. Need we say the future is not cheap. However, for the Tesla the future should be close at hand as they expect to have cars rolling out their hand built facility in 2008.

GM/Chevy Volt

Number 4:
GM is still on the fence about whether their EV Volt will fall under Chevy, under another brand, or be a brand unto itself. What we are sure is it falls in at Number 4 on our list with its promise of electric utility and for NOT being styled after the Malibu. Obviously the most fuel efficient cars are going to be electric because of their regenerative breaking to recharge and that plug-in’s will recharge for pennies by the volt rather than dollars by the gallon. The Volt will be GM’s flagship into the future that they hope to have figured out by 2010. Lithium technology seems to be holding up many future cars and the Volt has not been immune to the issue of overheating lithium batteries. Pricing is not yet grounded on the Volt but hope is it will be one of the most affordable EV’s to be available in 2010.

Toyota HS-FT Concept

Number 3:
When Toyota introduced their HS-FT hybrid concept vehicle early this year they introduced the promise of a sports hybrid with tremendous potential. A 400-hp hybrid seemed unheard of at the time and the design screamed “future car” to many who have viewed it. Included in Toyota’s promise was that we would be seeing the HS-FT (whether it keeps that name or is branded with another… like Supra) in 2009, but ever since that proclamation the trail on the HS-FT has grown a bit cold. While the Tesla may be cheaper to drive and charge, the Toyota HS-FT should be cheaper to own; even though exact pricing will not be available for some time yet. However, it is the excitement of the high torque electric motor paired with the 400-hp gasoline engine that marches the HS-FT halfway up the chart.

Fisker Hybrid

Number 2:
Breaking just shy of Number 1 is the Fisker Hybrid. Anything bearing the Henrik Fisker mark or the Fisker Automotive branding is going to garner great respect and interest among car enthusiasts. The Fisker Hybrid is no different with its future styling that still reaches back into the present and its EV mode potential there is very little that one can say about the Fisker Hybrid that the car does not convey on its own. Well, except for the promise that the car will have a range of 50 miles round trip in all electric mode or a range of 600 miles in Hybrid mode. Like the Tesla the Fisker Hybrid will have a starting price at $100,000, but for those celebrities in the upper Green echelon who spend that much on a small party for friends the Fisker would seem a sure bet. However, they had better start lining up on that pre-order Red Carpet right away because they only plan to make 15,000 a year once production gets underway and what celebrity would want to be caught buying car 15,000.

BMW 1-Series 125d

Number 1:
When BMW introduced the 1-Series the hearts and minds of many began to race. While the 125i gasoline fueled BMW and its 300 horses is getting a lot of the spotlight in the US it is the 125d that is receiving the admiration of others. The 125d is the diesel incantation of the 1-Series and it is no slouch on its own. With 204-hp and 295-torque and the same suspension options as the 125i the 125d has some moves of its own. The second most appealing move (yes, performance will almost always be number 1) for the BMW 125d is its fuel consumption. It may not be a hybrid or an EV like the other cars on the list but the only premium pricing for the 125d is from the BMW brand. In its own test drive of the 125d the TimesOnline in the UK squeezed out a combined-driving fuel rating of 54.3 mpg. …”What?” you might say. That is right. You have performance and fuel savings in a diesel coupe that is ready and waiting that could average 600 miles out of its 11.5 gallon tank. …Only those of us in North America cannot have it. Since the diesel emissions standards and various other requirements are so different between Europe and the US the BMW 125d is not bound for our ports, and BMW is not sounding too interested in making the adjustments to meet our requirements. Maybe in part that is because our emissions standards are about to increase in 2010 and why should they do that work twice just to please their little siblings across the pond? But maybe with enough clamoring and pleading BMW might just see that the US is ready for a fun, spritely diesel like the 125d.

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