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55 Massively Demotivational Car & Auto Posters

Posted in Cars, Demotivational Poster, General, Motorcycle by Chris | June 29th, 2009 | 10 Responses |

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I always loved the Sunday paper, because all the comics were extra long, and in color! But I always hated the comics, because there was only one Dilbert, and one Garfield, and one Non-Sequitur per day. I was ecstatic when somebody gave me a whole book of Calvin and Hobbes comics, a book I cherish to this day.

The long and short of it is, RideLusters, that when something good comes along, people like us demand more of it–a lot more of it. And really, we’re adults now (most of us, anyway) and we’re way too busy to spend our days reading an entire comic strip. So God bless the inventor of the Demotivational Press. Like Lays potato chips, we bet you can’t eat just one.

We can’t either, and we’re fatties, so we’re bringing you a butt-load (no pun intended) of Demotivational Car and Bike Posters, the sum of some 50+ images.

So, sit down, shut up, and stuff yourselves. Fast!











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    10 Responses

    1. I just love those they are brilliant especially the one with the car pile up, the insurance on is also very good, sometimes I would love to working in an insurance company just to hear some of the things that people come up with when filing their claims.

    2. Matthew says:

      Great list; the best ones were on the last pages though…

    3. David Bernal says:

      Just plain (silly) guy fun! Thanks….

    4. NV8R Zia says:

      I just love that insurance one, I’ve tried getting my neighbor’s car into some pretty bad situations like that-the telephone poles kept busting. :'(
      Motivational posters are the awesomeness that fuels Google and teh Intranets. And my boring Saturday nights (well, technically, mornings.)

    5. My favorite is “Trust” demotivational poster :)

    6. Bridget Orr says:

      I like the one with the Corvette squished in between the car and wheel chair van. The caption is perfect, because it really does look like they’re jealous and trying to get closer to the ‘vette.

    7. Jack says:


      TRUST they say!
      Trust and brake fluids really come together.
      Nice one!


    8. Jacob Jagd says:

      Love the posters – the trust one is my favourite ;-)…

    9. Jake says:

      The corvette smashed with the handicap van is awesome. All of these are actually great pics. The captions are even better.

    10. The pictures you have up are hilarious. I really like the supercharged truck with then fine basically b
      Inning the driver.