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RideLust’s Friday License-Plate-A-Palooza

Posted in Custom, Funny, General by Kurt Ernst | May 21st, 2010 | 7 Responses |

...is probably what got her the car.

Down here in Florida, the state has about a thousand different plate styles to choose from. Want to support oceans, beaches, family, adoption, god, any branch of the military, any school with a campus in or near Florida, mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, democrats or republicans? Florida probably has a plate for you. I actually requested the “former resident of New Jersey who speaks German and went to the University of Colorado” plate, but the clerk just looked at me with a vacant stare. I guess she didn’t understand my sophisticated brand of sarcasm.

Along with custom plates, I see hundreds of vanity plates on the roads. Some make me laugh, some make me cringe and others just leave me scratching my head. You can easily tell which plates “accidentally” slipped though the system, or were approved by someone who doesn’t read English very well.

Below is a collection of vanity plates for your amusement. It’s Friday, so you know you weren’t going to be productive at work anyway.

I'd actually order this if I drove a Maserati...

I guess OMFG MOVE was already taken...

Well, alrighty then. Mom must be so proud.

And you celebrate this why?

At least you're up front about it.

Not asking if it's on your knees...

Anna, I'd buy another brand next time. Just sayin'...

Is part of dwoman's anatomy...

Vegetarian, lesbian or both - you decide.

Big ego or weird fetish - your call.

Can't wait for the remake...

Methink's mum's into the back door stuff...

On a Harley, win. On a Pontiac, fail.


And, presumably, roadside sobriety tests.

Easy, yes. Cheap, no.

Note to self: pass car on right, quickly.

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7 Responses

  1. SNAK3 says:

    There’s a guy on this forum I go to that has a ‘vette and its plate is “RU18YET”, and a guy that has an Evo X has a plate that says “EVIL X”

  2. inthebuff says:

    Awesome plates. “Mom would be so proud”

  3. Dave says:

    “I guess OMFG MOVE was already taken…” In Virginia you can’t have “F” be used in any way that reads as “fuck”. I once put in for “JSTFNGO” which was actually approved. Less than a week after delivery, I got a notice that it had been revoked for obscenity violations.

  4. Kurt says:

    And they didn’t buy that your alias was “Justin Fungo”? Bastards…

  5. Suzie Q says:

    My husband went to get my tag renewed and came home with a new plate that didn’t seem to bother him any.. ” 694 KOX ”
    I always pray for no stop lights!!!

  6. Kurt says:

    Suzie Q, it could have been worse. He could have brought home “695 KOX”

  7. harrison button says:

    i once saw a plate that said ‘TRD WIND’
    i mentioned to my wife, why put turd wind on your plate?