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Ridelust Test Drive Preview: 2011 Honda CR-Z

Posted in Car Reviews, EcoLust, Economy Cars, Emissions, Engines, Environment, Honda, Hybrid, Hybrid Technologies, Import Review, RideLust Review by MrAngry | August 19th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

2011 Honda CR-Z

Right now Kurt is down in Florida test driving Honda’s new 2011 CR-Z Sport Hybrid, a car that most of us hope is similar in feel to Honda’s original CRX of the 1980’s. Obviously we’ve seen some advancement in technology over the last 25 years and the new 2011 CR-Z is simply packed full of it, but the big question though is, does it tickle the pickle when you drive it like the original.

2011 Honda CR-Z

You see when the original Honda CRX came out way back in 1983 it possessed a quality that very few economy cars had… it was fun. I’ve driven the original and I can tell you from experience, that even though it wasn’t a very fast car, it was an absolute hoot to drive. It was light and nimble with a great little exhaust note that really made you want to drive the car to its limit. Keep in mind that Honda is not touting the new CR-Z as replacement or “next generation” CRX, but you’d have to be a fool to think they did not consult their old playbook when the CR-Z was conceived. So, will the new 2011 Honda CR-Z be any good? Honestly, I don’t know, but you can bet your sweet bottom that Kurt is going to give you a good, honest, no bullshit review of this thing within the next few days, so stay tuned.

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