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Ridelust Retro: 1977-1988 Porsche 924

Posted in Classic, European Rides, General, Other Rides, Porsche by MrAngry | February 26th, 2011 | 1 Response |

*Photo Credit: SeriousWheels.com

Back in the 1970’s Porsche released a few budget minded models with the intent of introducing new customers to the brand. First came the two seat Porsche 914 in 1970, followed by it’s replacement in 1977 in the form of the 924. Die-hard Porsche 911 lovers balked at these machines, however there were those select few who took full advantage of securing themselves a cheap ticket to the dance. Where the 914 was small and compact, the 924 was actually a car that one could use everyday. With a water cooled front engine (a first for Porsche), rear drive layout, optional automatic transmission and rear seats, this was a car that was quite attractive from a usability standpoint. Power came from an inline-4 that produced 95 hp, a number that by today’s standards would be laughable in anything but the smallest economy car.

Porsche 924

From a design standpoint the 924 featured hidden headlamps, a nicely sloping hood line and pop-up rear hatchback. Over the years the car was improved upon with better brakes, the addition of a turbo model and a nice 5-speed transmission. The 924 ceased production in 1988 with its final model being that of the 160 hp 924S. I remember back in the early 1980’s 924’s could be found everywhere, today however it’s unfortunate, as these much unloved Porsche’s are a rare sight.



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  1. Mark Smith says:

    Although there is a guy in Coronado, CA who appears to have 4 of them!