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Ridelust Retro: 1957 Chevrolet Apache NAPCO 4×4 Promo.

Posted in 4x4, Car Branding, Car Buying, Chevrolet, GM, Off-Roading, Videos by MrAngry | December 9th, 2010 | 3 Responses |

Back in the day 4×4 trucks and SUVs weren’t all the rage like they are today. Families would cart themselves around in station wagons or big sedans, while service industry vehicles would sometimes need to be modified to fit their needs. One such vehicle was the Chevrolet Apache pick-up truck that was built from 1957-1959. Heavy off-road use meant that these trucks were generally modified by a company called NAPCO (Northwestern Auto Parts Company) and fitted with new 4-wheel drive systems, that would ensure that they could be used in the harshest of conditions. The above NAPCO promotional video is quite long at about 10 minutes in length, but it shows the capabilities of these modified trucks as they tackle some pretty tough terrain. The video narration is actually quite cheesy, but watching these trucks do their thing is quite impressive. One thing that you must remember is that these old trucks were simple vehicles with no electronics to speak of. That meant fixing them in the event of a problem was a fairly easy task, which not only made them desirable back then, but today as well.

Source: NAPCO4x4.org

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3 Responses

  1. Taylor says:

    I was just talking to a buddy about electronics and reliability. I currently drive an 09 Wrangler, which probably has more computing power than the Space Shuttle, and every now and then it just freaks out a little bit for no apparent reason. I am can’t wait for the day when the sensors start an all out revolt and start doing battle with each other causing the engine to grenade. At that point I will do my best to go back in with an old push rod V8 with some kind of fuel injection system as the smartest thing on it. Fortunately the rest of the driveline is mostly mechanically actuated (various electric assists that can be remedied) so I won’t have to worry about going back in with a HAL type computer so everything plays nice.

    God I miss the days when you could pop the hood and literally had enough room to climb into the engine compartment to work on your car.

  2. MrAngry says:

    Buddy… I’m right there with ya’… believe me.

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