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RideLust QuickTip: Never Get Locked Out Of Your Car Again

Posted in Parking, Repair, Safety, Tips by Vito Rispo | November 14th, 2008 | 2 Responses |

This tip comes from the good people over at The Consumerist, which is a great site by the way. This tip will make sure you never have to deal with being locked out of your car again, and it’s so simple it’s mindboggling that I never thought of it before. Check it out:

The original tip is to get a copy of your key made at the hardware store or at a locksmith, then drill a hole through the head of it. Then you just unscrew your license plate and place the key behind it, using the hole in the key to secure it with one of the screws on the plate. The key will be secure, and in the rare case you get locked out of your car, you just unscrew your license plate (using a bit of metal of even a dime), and there’s your key.

What about those fancy new electro-keys?

Most modern car keys have at least some sort of anti-theft electronics in the head, even if its just a chip that connects a current. If you have one of those keys, then getting a copy made will be more expensive, but you’ll just have to deal with it. Sometimes you can call around to various locksmiths instead of going right o the dealer, often times the locksmith can have the programming machine needed for those electronic keys.

Either way, so you get your electro-key, and you want to secure it behind the license plate, what to do? You can’t drill a hole in the key directly, so just get a sturdy keychain and drill a hole in that, and just attach it via the keychain. Done and done.

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2 Responses

  1. mike says:

    so what happens if they steal your plate? happens quite a bit where i live (they use plates for get away cars for petty crime/drive bys)…, instead of just havin your plate stolen you have your whole car stolen then?

    they make magnetic boxes that attach underneath your car

  2. Sofar says:

    My car solved this problem for me by having a driver’s side door that doesn’t lock, but sticks enough to seem like it is.