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RideLust Quick Tip: How To Feed Your Irrational Lust for Rust

Posted in auto industry, Beater Cars, BMW, Car Auctions, Car Buying, Cars, Collector Cars, Favorite Cars, Guide, Rust or Lust, Volvo by Suzanne Denbow | December 11th, 2009 | 3 Responses |


If you’re like most consumers in the market for a used car, your needs are probably best served by eBay, AutoTrader, or your local Craigslist. If you are like 99% of automotive enthusiasts, however, your pursuit for that perfect diamond in the rough exists in perpetuity. You can easily squander 5+ hours at work tirelessly refreshing your browser in the vain hope that the pristine Volvo 850R you’ve spent the better part of your adult life pursuing will magically appear for thousands less than its Blue Book value. If such is the case, then the chances are good that you’ve also experienced significant frustration at the hands of Craigslist’s rather limiting search parameters. Although you probably could if you neglected your job, family, and personal hygiene for days on end, it’s realistically impossible to search every Craigslist in every state in every city in the continental U.S. (though you’ve certainly tried). Fortunately, I’ve found a way: searchtempest.com. Not only will SearchTempest.com allow you to expand your search radius to include any location within your current zip code, it also throws in all the relevant eBay listings as a bonus.

In the event that the skeptic in you is wondering: no, neither SearchTempest nor any marketing company related to it coerced me into or compensated me for the production of this post. I’m just an obsessive car collector that spends more time than I should virtually car shopping, trying to convince myself that an ’86 L7 that’s probably riddled with electrical problems is a great investment.

(Hat tip to Caio Campos for exacerbating the illness)

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3 Responses

  1. Jannett says:

    Try http://craiglook.com – I found it via time.com’s “top 50 websites of the year”. I find it much more useful with it’s radius search and picture previews.

  2. Tossed Biotech Salad Eggwich xB Face says:

    Holy crappers you just changed my life. I’ve been pretending I was going to make this site as a “mash-up” with google maps, but of course I have done nothing but continue to search craigslist for car parts.

    There is another site called allcraigs.com or something like that, but it pretty much sucks balls.

    Thanks again!

  3. Matt Sanchez says:

    +1 for http://CraigsLook.com
    It also seems to be the only craigslist mashup with picture previews and radius search.

    I spend 1-2 hours every day searching for car parts and project cars on craigslist and craigslook is a huge boost.