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Posted in General by Corey | May 25th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

funny cars
I really would love one of these cars, whatever it is? Anyone have a clue…

Fuel Hungry Car Pirates Jack Oil to make BioDiesel, seriously if you are going to do something illegal grow Hemp!

Speaking of Gas, Forbes unveiled their list of 13 Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles. I just wish these magazines and newsites would make their urls more friendly to link to. I almost had to take a coffee break in between copying and pasting that link.

Smart Man uses GPS to track rental cars and steal them. Seriously people need to find a better use of their time.

One man has no problem paying 70 bucks to fill up his SUV. His logic is actually spot on. I just hate to admit it.

Rotten Tomatoes has a list of some of the most memorable cars from Movies.

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