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RideLust Hangs with the SubieGirls.

Posted in Cars, Girls, Subaru by MrAngry | August 17th, 2010 | 9 Responses |

Photo source: Anna Bruce Photography

For those of you who don’t know Ridelust.com has an actual woman that not only digs cars but contributes to our wonderful little automotive site. Some of you may think that Kurt and I made her up, but not only is she a real life gear jamming lady, but she’s an unbelievably talented writer and can drive the wheels off most four-wheeled creations as well. Recently “L” (that’s right… she goes by only one letter cause’ that’s all she needs) attended a little gathering of the SubieGirls and decided to give us all a little insight into how it went.

RideLust Hangs with the SubieGirls… by “L”

Recently, I attended a meet of the DC-area SubieGirls. If you’re not familiar with SubieGirls.com, quite aptly, it’s a site tailored to the female Subaru enthusiast. The forums are an informative and entertaining place to chat cars, get repair and advice on mods, and to just shoot the breeze with fellow lady drivers across the US (and a couple of guys). Everyone on the site is really laid back and helpful. I post on it once in a blue moon, preferring to browse the site for everyone’s latest mods and acquisitions.

I had a lot of fun at the meet. We checked out each others rides (all WRXs that evening), compared mods and took lots of crazy photos. For a while I’ve been pondering chicks and cars. It’s no big surprise that most assume women can’t be bothered with anything automotive-related. People always get a little weirded out when they find out I like cars, but to be honest, there are a ton of ladies out there who also get the tingles at a deep exhaust growl and the shivers from instantaneous speed. Not all women dream of getting behind the wheel of a Corolla or an Odyssey. All you have to do is ask.

Photo source: Anna Bruce Photography

One time, at one of my jobs (as far removed from the automotive industry as possible), cars came up in conversation during a conference room birthday party. Suddenly, women in their 30s and 40s were describing to me the sheer thrill of rowing through the gears on back country roads in their A4s and GTIs. You would never have guessed that these ladies had the love of driving in them, and they never would have said anything had the topic not come up. And everyone assumes that women can’t drive stick. Since I moved to the Mid-Atlantic region, I can only name one lady who drives a slushbox. Either they learned because everyone in the family had to learn stick so they could drive any vehicle in an emergency, or they learned for the hell of it.

Just for kicks, at the meet, I asked over dinner how my fellow SubieGirls got into cars. My friend Anna told me that her husband, Adam, got her bitten by the auto bug. Adam taught Anna how to drive a manual in his beautiful ‘04 WRX wagon. Anna picked it up quickly and soon left the Camry in the dust for one of the hottest WRX hatches I’ve ever seen. Jen said she’s always been into cars, like video games (she had some pretty sweet video game tats too), and Rachel has been going to car meets even before she could drive. Jen and her boyfriend JD, both drive WRXs – hers is a grey ‘02 with striking orange rims, and Rachel has a stunning diamond grey metallic ‘09 WRX hatch.

Photo source: Anna Bruce Photography

As for me, even before I could walk, I’d go with my dad to the Philly Auto Show every year and spent my childhood listening to tales of his Studebakers from the ‘50s. I’d help him out with our ‘84 Saab 900, and study the car reviews of his Consumer Reports subscription, begging him why we couldn’t trade in the Tempo for anything else. Despite my dad’s love of cars, my family always drove relatively mundane automagics. But I did what I could during my hair-raising teen years – pitting the poor ‘93 Taurus against Vettes and muscle cars I had no business competing against. When I finally bought my first car, it was one of the happiest days of my life (and I’m sure it was the Taurus’ as well).

But my story is horrifically boring compared to those of the ladies out there who I’ve seen tearing it up at autocross events, rallies, Formula BMW races, to say the least. Nowadays girls want to be the next Ashley Force or Michele Mouton. God bless ‘em.

Ashley Ford
Photo source: RacinToday

Like Mike stated in his article from last week, not all guys are car guys, and similarly, not all girls are car girls. I’d just rule out any thoughts of a genetic predisposition against cars. I think many people, male and female alike, just aren’t into cars because they’ve never had a reason to like them. Most of my male acquaintances are entirely content with a car that gets them from point A to B comfortably, with a good sound system. It’s just what most people know. In this nation of automatics and food we buy in crates, men and women alike tend to grow up in boring car households. But sometimes all it takes is for someone to show them the light.

Not all enthusiasts started out in fancy cars or attended elite racing schools and I’m sure many of us got into cars because someone had the patience to show us how much fun they can be. So if you know a guy or a girl who doesn’t seem all that interested, just give that person an opportunity to have the RideLust. You just may be surprised. And hopefully I’ll get to see them at one of the meets.

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9 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    Congratulations Leigh! This article rocks!

  2. Subie doobie don't says:

    …do you have to classify as a grenade to be in the club? geesh!

  3. L says:

    Hey thanks Anna! Your pics make the article.

  4. L says:

    Subie, yours is the first pointless, internet dork comment I’ve received during my several month tenure here, so I guess that gives me official writer status.

    Btw I’m 100% certain your username is longer than your dipstick.

  5. Great article, L! Thanks for spreading the subie girls word. It looks like you all had a good time at the meet. :)

  6. whtrexgrl says:

    Great pics Anna!! L I love the article, very well done! Wish you were closer to Mass, it would be rad to have you do a write up on our Support the Troops dyno day, and our Scoobies for Boobies events!!

  7. MrAngry says:

    Scoobies for Boobies!?!?

    How did I not know about this?

  8. Sabre says:

    Great article L! Love the background on the ladies!

  9. MrAngry – keep an eye out in late September and all of October on ScoobiesForBoobies.org! We raise money for the American Cancer Society for all of October (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month).

    Also, please help us spread the word about this awesome fundraiser! :D