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Ridelust FAIL: How NOT to fuel your van.

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Van Burn

Now here’s a story that should make you chuckle. A couple in Bellevue, Washington accidentally burned their van to the ground when they tried to refuel it while driving. Apparently the couple was having trouble keeping the van running so they rigged up an amateur fuel system in an attempt to drive the van to the nearest service station. The fuel system consisted of removing the cover for the engine bay that is located between the front seats, grabbing two-gallons of gasoline, an open bucket – that’s right I said bucket – and an empty water bottle. The idea was to transfer fuel from the open bucket directly to the carburetor by way of the empty water bottle… makes perfect sense right? Well, no… you see the van stalled on its way to a local Factoria fuel station and in the process of trying to get it restarted, exploded (freakin’ boneheads).

Van Burn

Witnesses stated that a woman who was on fire jumped out of the back of the van, landed on the ground, and then had the van (that was rolling backwards) run over her arm. The other two occupants, (both male) also caught fire and ran to a local Chevron station (good choice) to put their fires out. Everyone is now resting, albiet being a bit crispy, in a nearby medical center.

Source: KomoNews.com

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2 Responses

  1. Nephilim says:

    Thwarting Darwinism is always a bad thing for society in general.

  2. James says:

    paging dr. darwin