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Ridelust Daily Fail: Trucks Vs. Stuff

Posted in Bizarre, Funny Videos, Safety, Traffic, Travel, Trucks by Vito Rispo | March 24th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |

I have no idea how the driver of this truck could make such a mistake. He had to have put up the trailer, dumped whatever it was in there, then just hopped back in the truck and decided to drive away without a second thought. How do you not notice? Plus I’d imagine the weight of that bin up on an angle, in the air like a giant metal sail, it had to effect the way the truck drove. Am I right? Eh? Any truck drivers out there?

Or maybe the hydraulics were broken and it was stuck in the up position and he just didn’t realize the overpass was there, or that it was so low; who knows? I need answers, I need to know who the driver of that truck is, I have so many questions for him. Actually, I mainly just want to laugh at him in person. Really though, anyone with more info… fill us in.

For good measure, here are 10 more unfortunate truck vs overpass incidents. Enjoy!

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