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High School Coach Loans His Ferrari’s To Teenagers, With Obvious Results

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According to the folks over at wreckedexotics.com, a high school baseball coach in Oklahoma City loaned out both of his Ferrari’s to 4 of the teenage players on his team, all juniors in high school. Also, no supervision. He just handed over the keys and told them to have a blast.

Obviously, the teenagers managed to wreck both of the cars – by actually crashing one into the other. Now, you may be asking yourself, what kind of high school baseball coach has two Ferrari’s anyway, well he’s a freaking awesome baseball coach, that’s what kind; also a retired neurosurgeon. And here’s what he said when he showed up at the scene of the accident:

Well boys, it’s gonna take a lot of homeruns to cover this one up.

Man, we need a picture of this guy. I bet he looks like Charleton Heston.

The coach had apparently been allowing the kids to drive his Ferrari’s around all the time, and he says he’ll let them drive after the cars are fixed too. Now, I can see not being upset at the kids. I mean, blaming the teenagers for this one is like blaming vultures for eating your pet chimp after he died because you went on vacation to Costa Rica and forgot about him chained up in the backyard and he didn’t have anything to eat and my neighbors couldn’t spare a freaking banana for a starving chimp? Come on? You know what I mean? You can’t blame the vultures, they’re just doing what they do, the baseball coach has only himself to blame for the utter failure of expecting teenagers to not destroy something nice.

Here are the pictures, view the failure:

The two destroyed cars were 1)a 1991 Ferrari Testarossa, and 2)a 1995 Ferrari 348. Ugh.

Source: wreckedexotics

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