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Ridelust.com: MEET THE CAST!

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Ever hear the old saying: “If you love what you do you’ll never work another day in your life.” Well, we here at Ridelust.com pretty much fall into that category. We wake up every morning, make some coffee and then get to write about our passion – Automobiles. We are not beholden to anyone so for us the freedom to express our true feelings about what goes on in the auto industry is a Godsend. If we don’t like something then we’ll tell you. If we think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, then hell, we’ll say that too. One thing we won’t do is feed you bullshit opinions, that’s just not the way we operate.

We also wanted everyone out there to understand that we really do live this stuff. Maybe it’s because we didn’t have a big enough sand box when we were kids or that our Hotwheels and Matchbox cars didn’t fill our automotive needs. All we know is that now, as adults, we’ve made it our business to do what we’ve always wanted to do… play with cars. We also wanted to thank all our readers for the emails and comments that you provide us with on a daily basis. It keeps us rolling.

• Mike Musto: Editor-in-Chief

“Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna’ git.”

Such is the story of Mike Musto’s life. With expertise in such fields as Clam Digging, Corporate Web Design and White Collar Espionage, Mike Musto possesses a skill set few can rival.

His life experiences are those not of novel proportions, but of smaller, non-proof read periodicals. He is a real life race car driver in the land of make believe and his brain contains a wealth of knowledge that can only rivaled by the 1983 Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. This knowledge based helped Mike Musto secure his seat as the Editor-in-Chief at Ridelust.com.

• Kurt Ernst: Lead Writer

Some babies had rattles and mobiles to play with in the crib, but Kurt Ernst had ratchets and combination wrenches. He spent his formative years working in the family garage, thriving on a steady diet of used motor oil, carb cleaner and asbestos-laden brake dust.

Post college, he spent a year racing only to find he was neither fast enough to get rich nor rich enough to get fast. After spending far too long in international business, eating unfamiliar food at strange airports in the middle of the night, Ernst had a revelation. While driving a car load of terrified colleagues through the Alps at triple digit speeds, in the dark of night, in a torrential downpour, as the GPS barked incomprehensible instructions in German, he realized that his life’s calling was to be an automotive journalist. Years of rejection slips and death threats followed, but he was eventually welcomed with open arms to RideLust.com.

Willing to ride or drive anything on two, three, four or ten wheels, Kurt remains free of felony convictions. Armed with a rapier like sense of wit, he routinely pours through thousands of pages of content to weed out the nasty bits so you don’t have to.

• Dustin Driver: Contributor

Dustin Driver was incubated in the cylinder bore of a big-block Chevy and raised in a fleet of rusty, primer-dusted, sputtering project cars. He lusts for gears, wears used transmission fluid as aftershave, and has a tattoo of a Citroën DS on the roof of his mouth. His favorite car was his father’s primer-gray ’55 Chevy. He worked as a lackey in a transmission shop and has been a journalist and marketing writer for more than a decade.

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