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Ridelust.com is at the New York International Autoshow!

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A-Team Van

I know we’ve said this before but being a part of the automotive press does have it’s advantages. We get into shows early, climb up, over, around and in just about everything that’s on the show floor and also get to look at the floor models, if you get my drift. I got here about 8 am this morning and so far it looks to be a pretty good show. A few months ago I attended the Washington, DC Auto Show and to say it was terrible would be the understatement of the century. Manufacturers just didn’t pony up the cash to show consumers anything exciting and their displays were less than pitiful.

A-Team Van

NY is generally a bit different as the attendance to this show is usually huge. The car companies know this and generally go flat out, which from what I can see today is proving to be true. Over the next few days Ridelust.com will bring you a inside look at what’s being showed at the NYIAS. I’ll be honest though, if you think I’ll be covering Toyota Corolla’s and Hyundai Elantra’s the entire time then you’d be dead wrong. Sure, we’ll throw some of those in for good measure, but the majority of the coverage will consist of finding the coolest shit on the showroom floor. Granted that might be difficult, but we’ll do our damnedest to make it happen.

A-Team Van

Lets start this off right with a big dose of cool in the way of the A-Team Van. This summer is going to give us the release of the new A-Team Movie and in this movie will be the iconic GMC Van of one B.A. Baracus. I love this thing, so imagine my surprise that upon walking into the Jacob Javits Center it was the first thing I saw. Seriously, I felt like a little kid again. The movie version of the big GMC is very similar to the original albeit a few changes to create some Hollywood magic. First off, there is a side exit exhaust in the form of late 1970’s side pipes – they look “ok”. Second, the wheels are blacked out, something that I generally like, but for some reason I’m just not feeling them here.

A-Team Van

The rest of the van is pretty true to the TV show. There is that crazy cow-killer bumper on the front which incorporates a nice Warn winch, along with some KC Day Lighters. The roof has some smaller driving style fog lights that fans of the original show will appreciate. Interior wise the van is pretty much what you’d expect with four captains chairs that provide a bit of comfort for our war torn heroes. The dash layout is standard as well with an aftermarket stereo, a Cobra CB and some red dash switches that probably make some stuff go boom. Oh and its got power windows as well… nice touch. Seeing the A-Team Van in person was a real treat, hopefully though throughout the next few days there will be some other cool rides that will peak my interest just as the good ole’ A-Team Van did.

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