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RideLust Celebrates Back-To-School Month, All Aboard The Magic Cool Bus

Posted in Car Photography, Custom, Demotivational Poster, Design, General, Hot Rods by Suzanne Denbow | September 3rd, 2008 | 2 Responses |

September is back to school month, and we here at RideLust began to reminisce the other day about our years in school and the joyful time spent riding in the coveted back of the bus. With the benefit of about 20 ft of seats and 40 noisy kids between you and the bus driver, riders in the back of the bus were enshrouded in an invisibility cloak of sorts. That, coupled with the average driver’s decidedly “hands off” approach to child safety, generally meant that your primary concern was if you were caught smoking unfiltered menthols, that you had enough to share with everyone.

We’ve heard that buses come with cameras now, and some of the brand new ones are even equipped with newfangled contraptions like seat belts and shock absorbers. The fun and danger of riding in a school bus is slowly being phased out, and the bus ride to school is now becoming a boring and monotonous routine for most kids these days. There isn’t much that we here at RideLust can do about that, but we can use it as a guise under which to spend the afternoon searching for pictures of bagged out school buses. So to all the disgruntled, disenfranchised youth out there, enjoy the fruits of our labor and remember: the world doesn’t understand you and your parents hate you.

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