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Ridelust Caption Contest: The Pink 950 Adventurer

Posted in Bizarre by Vito Rispo | October 23rd, 2008 | 5 Responses |

I may be in love. What else can you say about a girl like this. At least I hope it’s a girl and not just a strange man of small-stature.

Let the captions begin…

Give us what you got, Ridelusters.

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5 Responses

  1. Lucas says:


  2. 3Dsmoke says:

    The hardcore biker look is never quite complete without the pink tutu.

  3. Governor Palin has decided to pursue a new strategy in the midst of polls showing a virtual tie, between McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden.

    “If the big guy can go to Sturgis,” she said, “why can’t I pick up us some darn votes by scootin’ around on two wheels?”

    The Republican National Committee reported that her new outfit was paid for out of private donations from the estate of the late Mr. Blackwell.

    There are reports that Senator Biden has been seen at several Harley-Davidson dealerships; but nothing can be confirmed, at this time.

  4. Ryan says:

    A Republican party in collapse tries to reshape its identity.

  5. Laron says:

    Look! It’s the new Power-Puff Ranger.