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Ridelust Caption Contest: The Invisible Skoda Art Car

Posted in Bizarre, Car Stunts, Newsworthy, Pictures, Used Cars by Vito Rispo | May 4th, 2009 | 6 Responses |


It took British art student Sara Watson three weeks to paint the urban camouflage you see above. Of course, this car is only invisible when it’s sitting in that one spot, and viewed from that one particular direction (a la the Stereoscopic Parking Garage from way back when). Still, it’s an impressive sight.

An auto salvage and recycling company donated the car, a Skoda Fabia, and now has it’s company name (Recycling Lives) subtly written across the top of the windshield. Given the amount of press and local attention this old scrap Skoda is getting, it seems like a pretty good return on their investment.

via BBC

Usually the caption contests are just a picture with scant description, but this one seems like it could be good. Do it to it in the comments.

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6 Responses

  1. Lightnup says:

    Three weeks to make the car invisible and she couldn’t lose the goofy hat for a few seconds?

  2. Lightnup says:

    That Skoda is to passers-by as I in my later years have become to young, attractive women….still there yet completely unnoticed.

  3. Lightnup says:

    Dood! Where’s my car?!?

  4. Chris says:

    Yeah, just wait ’til you see my Lasso of Truth!

  5. Lightnup says:

    And now a Preformance Art piece entitled, “Obama’s Vision for All Cars rated under 50 MPG.”

  6. 02cougarc2 says:

    If i drove a Skoda Fabia I would wish nobody could see it either.


    Failed attempt at making a Skoda Fabia cooler.

    Take your pic:)