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RideLust Asks: What’s On Your Holiday Wish List This Year?

Posted in Car Accessories, Car Buying, car modifications, Cars, Cool Stuff, General, Lists, Pop Culture by Kurt Ernst | November 26th, 2010 | 3 Responses |

The holiday season is upon us, whether you’re ready for it or not. If you’re a gear head, that means certain disappointment unless you spell out, in specific detail, exactly what you want. Don’t expect your wife or girlfriend to know that the Magnaflow exhaust puts out five horsepower more than the Ansa exhaust; unless you lay it out in detail, she’s going for the one that’s cheaper or comes with free shipping. If you don’t want argyle socks or a bottle of cologne, it’s best to give your significant other a list, providing as much detail as possible.

Many of my Christmas presents have revolved around cars or bikes. One year, for example, I got slotted rotors, new struts and sway bars for my old NA Miata. There have been tools aplenty for Christmas presents, including the low profile floor jack I need to spin wrenches on my dropped NC Miata. I’ve gotten suspension components for bikes, exhaust systems for cars and some really cool interior trim parts. If you want leather shift boots or handbrake boots, Redline is the place to shop.

This year, I’m not in the middle of any car or bike projects, and I’m not in the “acquire tools” stage, so most of the stuff on my wish list is work related. I need a bigger camera bag and a more powerful flash, and of course a copy of GT 5 and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. If the budget were a little higher, I’d be asking for the Goodwin Racing Quick Change Double Hoop Roll Bar, which is the first practical solution I’ve seen for converting a street driven MX-5 into a part-time track car. If we suddenly won the lottery, a Mustang Shelby GT500 or even a Mustang GT would certainly be an epic Christmas present, as would a Cadillac CTS-V sedan or a KTM 990 SM-T.

So what’s on your Christmas / Chanukah / Kwanzaa / Festivus list this year? Any cool projects going on in your garage? Are you asking for any serious tools or moto-toys? Give us a shout and let us know what’s coming down your chimney this year.

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3 Responses

  1. eddie says:

    i cant see asking for tools or hardware.maybe something that your wife or girlfriend can see when she gets in,and says to herself hey i got you that.it helps her get involved with your projects,well we could only hope.

  2. Greg says:

    Since you posted the picture, I’ll put Lauren Graham on my wish list. She is so strangely sexy in Bad Santa.

  3. Kurt Ernst says:

    Yeah, she’d be a home run in my stocking. Best Christmas movie ever…