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RideLust’s Top 25 Car Blogs and Websites

Posted in Rankings by Kurt Ernst | February 13th, 2010 | 31 Responses |

Contrary to popular belief, automotive writers are not born omniscient of all things mechanical. Most of us accumulate our wisdom from first hand experience, learning early on that “built in Italy” and “bulletproof reliability” are generally not phrases often used in the same sentence. Likewise, the terms “German engineering” and “inexpensive to repair”.

Since most of us will never get the chance to drive a Bugatti Veyron on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, we turn to sources of information that have proven reliable in the past. We like articles written by others with comparable experience, not articles culled from press releases put together by corporate talking heads.

Ironically, after a grueling day of combing through automotive detritus to bring you the most relevant information in a timely fashion, some of us prefer to relax by reading about cars, bikes and other things that go zoom. Or by simply looking at car porn.

Thus, I present to you the RideLust Top 25 Car Blogs and Websites. Some are invaluable sources of legitimate information, perfect acceptable to keep on screen if your wife is looking over your shoulder. Others may not have the same editorial and informational qualities, but they make us laugh. Sometimes, that’s good enough.

• Jalopnik

Sister site of Gizmodo, universally bookmarked by technogeeks everywhere. Jalopnik provides an interesting blend of breaking news, humor and insight. The gold standard for auto blogs.

Link: http://www.jalopnik.com

• Left Lane News

Car reviews, insider info, breaking news and industry data, all in one easily navigated site.

Link: www.leftlanenews.com

• Autoblog

An eclectic mix of breaking news and commentary, this is a well written, well laid out site. A handy and easily found search menu allows you to pull up reviews by manufacturer and model.

Link: www.autoblog.com

• Car Domain Blog

Owned by parent CarDomain, this site is both informative and entertaining. Where else can one find pictures of a Toyota Yaris with 20” wheels, on the same page as a program from the 1968 Manufacturer’s Funny Car Championships?

Link: blog.cardomain.com/

• Motor Authority

Spy shots, breaking news, flashbacks and new car reviews: this site has it all, with a focus on high performance and luxury vehicles.

Link: www.motorauthority.com

• Carscoop

Online since 2000, Carscoop covers automotive news from a global perspective. If you’ve secretly harbored a repressed desire to buy a turbo diesel Peugeot, this is a blog to bookmark.

Link: carscoop.blogspot.com

• Hemmings Auto Blogs

A blog from the people that bring you Hemmings Motor News, the bible of car collectors and restorers. Good photography, great writing and great content. Their “Find of the Day” is not to be missed.

Link: blog.hemmings.com

• The Truth About Cars

Good mix of automotive reviews (for cars available both inside and outside the US), breaking news and other industry related content. If you want to know why your Fiat stock is, um, applying localized negative pressure at the dorsal-most mammary, this is a good place to look.

Link: www.thetruthaboutcars.com

• Gas 2.0

Despite their focus on biofuels, alternative energy and electric vehicles, Gas 2.0 is not your typical green website. One visit will convince you that they’re gear heads too! Even if your idea of energy conservation is only going to half throttle on your Mach One Mustang, you’ll find plenty of interesting reading here.

Link: www.gas2.org

• RPM Go

Billed as a “must read” blog by Forbes, RPM Go has a good variety of content. While they cover breaking news, they also pick on topics not discussed elsewhere and provide a balanced mix of US and foreign market vehicle reviews.

Link: www.rpmgo.com

• Hooniverse

Offbeat automotive news and commentary. Well written, and always worthy of a laugh or two.

Link: www.hooniverse.com

• Edmunds Inside Line

Sister blog to Auto Observer, Inside Line caters to the enthusiast reader with lots of spy photos and behind-the-scenes content. If you want to know whether or not VW will shoehorn a V10 turbo diesel into the next Golf, this is a good place to start looking.

Link: blogs.insideline.com/straightline

• Autoevolution

One of the more comprehensive gearhead sites on the net, it covers a huge assortment of topics relating to both cars and bikes. The site has a “Girls Only” section for gearheads lacking a Y chromosome.

Link: www.autoevolution.com

• Just A Car Guy

Great photography, interesting content and cars you don’t see every day. Heavy emphasis on hot rods and race cars.

Link: http://justacarguy.blogspot.com

• The Torque Report

Need details on a new or soon to be released model? This site should be one of your first stops. Well laid out and easy to search by manufacturer.

Link: www.thetorquereport.com

• NY Times Wheels

Auto and industry information as only the New York Times can present it. Good mix of content, particularly well written.

Link: www.wheels.blogs.nytimes.com

• Bring a Trailer

This site bills itself as “The best vintage cars for sale online”, but it’s much more than that. Articles detail builds and restorations, rare finds and obscure cars. No matter how hardcore you may be, I guarantee this site has at least one car you’ve never heard of.

Link: http://bringatrailer.com

• You Drive What?

From the folks that brought you “People of WalMart” comes this vehicle themed site. You won’t find breaking news or thoughtful insight here; you will find images that will make you laugh out loud. Think of it as “How Not to Customize Cars 101”.

Link: www.youdrivewhat.com

• Two Seats or Less

They comb the online classifieds looking for vintage sports cars and race cars, so you don’t have to. I can’t visit this site without finding a car I lust for.

Link: http://twoseatsorless.com

• Bang Shift

Breaking news, auto related social commentary, hot rod builds, videos and pics: this site has something for every gear head.

Link: http://www.bangshift.com/blog.html

• The Garage Blog

Breaking news, road tests and articles of interest to every kind of auto enthusiast. Quite a bit of content you won’t find elsewhere.

Link: http://thegarageblog.com/garage

• Kicking Tires

Part of the Cars.com world, Kicking Tires bills itself as the Blog for Car Buyers. As you’d expect, their focus is on news and information relating to current and upcoming model releases.

Link: blogs.cars.com/

• Auto Spies

Spy shots, breaking news and car comparisons, with an emphasis on auto shows and industry events.

Link: http://www.autospies.com

• Automotive Traveler

A website with more of a mature feel, you won’t find funny pictures of cars on 36″ chrome wheels here. What you will find is page after page of superior content, ranging from how-to guides to road trip advice. Don’t visit this site unless you’ve got time on your hands.

Link: www.automotivetraveler.com

• Green Car Reports

If it relates to hybrids, fuel efficiency, electric cars or alternative fuels, you’ll find it here.

Link: www.greencarreports.com

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31 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    This was such a great post idea. I like the top 25. One of my favorite which is not there is Car Lust Blog though.

  2. Andrey says:

    thanks a lot for the inclusion in your top :D
    you guys should also make a mention of yourselves ;)

  3. inthebuff says:

    Where’s ridelust.com?

  4. Gary Grant says:

    Thanks for the inclusion Kurt. You’ve got a great list here, including a couple I have never read.

  5. Jesse says:

    I’m entirely moved, wow! Thanks! You’ve paid me an enormous compliment to feel my hobby compares favorably with the likes of Jalopnik, the NY Times Wheels section, wonderful Hooniverse, Dan’s Hemmings blog, Autoblog, Edmunds, Carscoop, B.A.T, … the websites I admire.

    Is mine the only no advertising,no pop-up, non job, done after work, camera / laptop / and love of cars operation in your top 25? I’m astounded! Take that high school career counsler!

    Long live car porn and the humor we find and post for readers!
    Many compliments to the 80 sites I recommend in my blog roll, Ride Lust has been one for years!

    With admiration for vulcanized rubber and all the uses we’ve found for it, with adoration for affordable tech like digital cameras, laptops, and jacking into neighbors wifi to upload to my blog, with love for the bloggers, photographers, and artists, the hot rodders, the hoons, the metal shapers, the body working masters, the designers, racers, owners, and rich buggers who can afford to keep Foose on retainer, admiration and respect for the lakes racers, salt streamliners, innovators like Navarro, Munro, and Blastolene Bros…

  6. Gibbs says:

    Very impressive job you have done. From this blogs i know some blogs & also i found some new automotive blogs.
    This post will really helpful for all visitors.

  7. verry nice list , while we are only new i’d like to open the ultracheapauto forum/blog here :) , the url to it is http://www.ultracheapauto.com.au/forum/index.php

    we are only realy new on the net , but we have been around for over 50 years in the automotive industery , and will allways help where we can :)

  8. Hey thanks for providing these top blogs site. Will like to receive such more information in future. Have bookmarked this page for reference. Kudos….

  9. Paul Maddox says:

    Monthly ramblings from an old hot rodder.
    Top 25? not hardly.
    But always glad to send ya an Email each month when a new issue hits the air.
    Aloha – PM

  10. Arnold Galtine says:

    Very Nice blog! One of my favorite car website is the topspeed.com- Go ahead and check it out. You will find out the latest about car news, car games and more..:)http://www.topspeed.com/

  11. Snook says:

    Where is Speedhunters.com ???

  12. Snook says:

    It’s one of the best blogs around.

  13. Carid says:

    Thanks for putting it together! I would also suggest http://blog.carid.com/, those who prefer to stay updated on latest releases and concepts and at the same time not to be overwhelmed with tons of info, this blog would make a decent option.

  14. NOS says:

    Really Informative blog. Keep posting like this….Thanks!!!

  15. Terry says:

    I am glad I clicked on this. I really didnt know there were so many (quality) car blogs. But anyway another pretty interesting one is http://celebritycarshomes.com
    Its not really informative. Its mainly pics, but it is nice to see what type of cars the stars are driving.

  16. sell says:

    Wow,nice car blogs. Great post. Thank You very much.

  17. Thanks for sharing that facts to us. I like reading blogs about cars or driving lessons blogs. Thanks for posting!

  18. Johan smith says:

    wow great list of cars blogs

  19. coupons says:

    Great list.Thanks for sharing

  20. Ville says:

    Thanks for awesome list! I’ve been looking something like this. This is easier than google, because google found lot of bad car sites also.

  21. Craig Penrod says:

    We just bought a 1967 corvette convertible. I love reading up on cars especially classics although there are some nice models that have come out lately.

  22. The beauty of seeing so many websites together about cars is that you really can compare and choose the right website for you, thanks for that.

    I love Tuned and modified cars, it’s my passion, so from that perspective I’m missing some websites about custom-made cars and hotrods. But beside that, great overview of car websites and blogs.

  23. Interesting products for people who enjoy hot rod, performance cars, and auto racing.

  24. Stuart says:

    Awesome list! I know quite a few of these but a few are new to me will have to check them out, Thanks for sharing!

  25. Curtis Hays says:

    Great list. A few here I wasn’t aware of. If you do a new updated list we’d like to be considered at trueconsumerreviews.com.

  26. Chris says:

    I have heard of a few of these but not all of them. Now i know what I am going to be doing for the rest of the day! Thanks for running a great car blog.

  27. Jesse says:

    as of Oct 2014
    4 of these sites are dead: 2 seats or less, CarDomain Blog, RPMGo, and Automotive traveler