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Rhino lined Ford F150 eliminates need for waxing!

Posted in 4x4, Custom, Fisker, Off-Roading by MrAngry | September 7th, 2010 | 8 Responses |

Ford F150

The problem with taking that shiny new pick-up, Jeep or SUV off-road is that you’re almost assured that that shiny paint job is going to get screwed all to hell. It’s a double edged sword really. You see on one hand you’ve just gone out and spent some big coin on a vehicle that will cross just about any landscape. On the other hand, that big coin vehicles value will go right in the toilet if you scratch the crap out of it whilst trying to get down those hardcore trails. The owner of this hot Ford F150 seems to have found a way to get around this problem by doing a little thinking outside the box.

Ford F150

Enter Rhino liner, that spray on black sticky stuff that adheres to the bed of your pick-up truck so as to keep it from getting all banged up when you’re hauling stuff around. You see a good bed liner does everything to the inside of a truck that an off-road owner would love done to the outside. It provides, excellent impact resistance, corrosion resistance and more importantly abrasion resistance. It can also be had in just about any color you wish. I spotted this beauty over at DodgeCharger.com, a site that is known for preserving and discussing classic Dodge Chargers. Apparently the owner is a buddy of one of the Charger owners and he felt the need to post this puppy up for the world to see.

Ford F150

Originally created by some rich Texas oil guy, this puppy was completely covered in Rhino Liner and by the looks of it, the job was done pretty flawlessly. I am kind of curious as to how much additional weight the liner actually adds to the truck because if you’ve ever seen this stuff in person you’ll know it’s pretty heavy duty. The nice part of going this route is that now you still have a great looking truck that retains its go anywhere, do anything capabilities without destroying the value. Cudo’s to the new owner for owning this pretty trick ride.

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8 Responses

  1. Set says:

    Psssh. Jeep owners have been doing that for years now.

  2. greg says:

    question: where can I buy Rhino Liner so that I can roll it on myself? Herculiner is nice but Rhino liner has that specific look/texture I want for my truck. Thanks!

    • Mason says:

      Rhino liner gets that specific texture due to the fact its sprayed on hot, unlike the other manufactures which spray or roll on cold… So if you go about the roller method be aware you wont get that nice textured look you may be going for. Best take it to rhino liner and have them spray it on hot…

  3. mike says:

    ya thats a great idea until its wrecked or dented and you have to sand it down…

  4. Xavier900 says:

    How much you think it would cost to do a dodge 1500 single cap like that?

  5. Tobie Raby says:

    I have a few questions about doing this. First of all can you paint it any color you want? Second can you two tone paint a truck and if so how to and still keep a nice straight line between the colors? Third is can you shoot clear coat over the top so that you have the Gloss Look without losing the rugged feel and Dexterity? If you can’t do it with Rhino Liner then is there like Linex or anything? Thanks appreciate any help or advice that can be given.

  6. ToxicOrangeR/T says:

    Question: How does this not ruin the value of the car or truck? Can it be removed without damaging the factory paint? If not, I see all kinds of potential problems with this depreciating the value. First, if the vehicle is white, all of your engine bay will be white as well as other areas. The market that would be interested in this type of thing would be pretty small compared to typical buyers in the market for a used truck. I love the idea of alternative waits to coat or wrap cars. I’m just researching plasti dip. It can be easily peeled off the vehicle if removed within a year. The process is being done on rims, emblems, chrome bumpers, etc. Pretty cool if you want to switch things up a bit for a car show. Thanks and have an excellent day. – The HEMI driving and Mossberg carrying Nana! :-)

    • ReverendJet says:

      Did you really just ask about how this would help a vehicle hold it’s value? Someone who would do this to their truck or even a motorcycle – yes THAT has been done with terrific results – they don’t care about trade in or selling their stuff. They care about something that is gonna hold up under any stress that might be thrown at it.

      Depreciation and Value. Overrated. Pay the damn thing off and keep it. THAT is what so many Americans are forgetting.