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Revised Tesla Roadster v1.5 Is Released, Still Doesn’t Mean Your Pathetic Ass Can Afford One

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Well technically, the car itself didn’t receive the upgrade, but rather the automatic gearbox. Highly anticipated by the handful of people who can afford one [whom mostly work in the tech department], the Powertrain 1.5 delivers 30% more torque and 10% more range to the Tesla Roadster’s Borg-Warner transmission. Helping you make that Dungeons and Dragons tournament on time, the power boost kicks the Tesla Roadster’s acceleration rate into warp speed,  zooming from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.0 seconds. The greenest, most impressive part? The all-electric Tesla Roadster still averages 244 miles off a single charge.

Since production began last March, 27 Roadsters have been delivered to buyers, all presumably with the Roadster’s original Powertrain 1.0 transmission. Tesla will upgrade those owners to the Powertrain 1.5 for free, and now that initial kinks in the transmission dynamics have been ironed out, expects production output/consumer demand to more than double. “Now that we have a final powertrain design, in a matter of months there will be hundreds of Tesla Roadsters across the country,” CEO Ze’ev Drori told Autopia, “We’re heralding nothing less than a new era of the automobile.”

[News Source: Autopia, Wired Blog]

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