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Retro Test: C&T 1971: Dodge Challenger 383 Road Test

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1970 Dodge Challenger Review

In the world of collector cars the Dodge Challengers from 1970-1971 are some of the most desirable cars on the market today. They’re well styled, relatively quick and actually quite reliable when tuned properly. They also have this aura about them that sets them apart from average muscle cars thanks to films like “Vanishing Point” and “Death Proof”. In today’s world of instant information we can find things like car reviews on any year/make/model by simply doing a quick search on the internet. Back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s though there was really only one place to go, that being, Bud Lindemann’s “Car & Track”. Even though the tests were crude and the results not entirely accurate, this show was the public’s one true link when it came to seeing how these cars performed in road going settings.

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