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Repo Man Attempts to Repossess Lil Kim’s Bentley: Too Many Possible Filthy Bylines To Pick One

Posted in Bentley, Celebrity Cars, Newsworthy by Suzanne Denbow | August 6th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Apparently, a recessive economy isn’t just hurting the little people. According to a report run by the CW11, rapper Lil’ Kim was paid a visit by the Repo Man back in late April after missing 4 payments on her silver Bentley. Declining to hand over the keys to her ride, Kim assured the Repo Man that she’d “have her accountant look into it” [read: Reality show time!]. 

After the story aired, Lil Kim’s rep [she has a representative? Ah, cute little allusions of grandeur] responded to the story by explaining that the $250,000 Bentley was in fact a gift bequeathed to her four years ago by hip-hop music producer Scotty Storch. It was Storch who apparently defaulted on the payments [guess that Brooke Hogan and Paul Wall collabo didn’t hit as big as he thought it would…tough break, kid], prompting Tracy Nguyen [Kim’s rep] to explain to E! news that the matter was “completely out of Kim’s hands.” 

To view full article and video footage from the CW11 expose, click “Read More”

[full article: CW11 News]

Lil Kim\’s Bentley Repo\’d

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