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Reno Air Racing: Flying on Ragged Edge.

Posted in Cool Stuff, General, Videos by MrAngry | September 29th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Ever watch the Red Bull air races and think, how the hell do those pilots maneuver those planes like that? I do and after watching it I’m always in awe at how both man and machine can endure so much punishment. Racing in the traditional sense usually pits multiple athletes and their machines against each other on some type of close circuit course. This pertains to cars, motorcycles, boats and yes, even airplanes. So when I saw this video I felt the need to post it up because one of the commentators makes a very valid point. Racer who fly in the Red Bull air race series are no doubt some of the greatest pilots on earth, but what if instead trying to beat the clock, they were trying to beat each other. Introducing actually competitors into the mix means more room for error, more pressure and even more of a chance for actual mishaps and crashes. As mentioned, I’m amazed at what these guys can do with an airplane, but at the end of the day which form of racing would you ultimately like to see. Head to head or beat the clock?

Source: AxisofOversteer.com

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