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Renault Clio RRS

As a car enthusiast it’s hard when I see cars that are weighed down by technology. From in-dash navigation units and parking assist, to adaptive cruise control and pedestrian warnings, I worry that this tech takes away from the driving experience. Case in point – the Renault Clio RRS 200 that’s feature on this weeks Chris Harris on Cars. It’s a great little car no doubt, but Renault has unfortunately done away with the manual transmission in favor of one that utilizes flappy-paddles. It’s not terrible mind you, just different. As a fan of standard transmissions, I’m just finding it hard to get into this when so much of driving a car is the connection you feel with it. Who knows… Maybe I’m just old and jaded, but as long as they’re available, a manual will always live in my garage.

Source: Youtube.com/DRIVE

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