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Remote Control Round Up!

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Remote Control Round up

For those of you who aren’t aware, the cow is not the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom. Sure they’re cute when they’re small and they taste great when grilled over an open flame, but for the most part they were put on this earth for us humans to make hamburgers out of. Now I don’t know much about the art of rounding up bovine, but based upon what I’ve seen in this video it’s apparent that all I need is a pick-up truck to sit in, a cup of coffee to drink from and a small remote control car to herd the beasties. Hell, if I knew that knowing how to operate an old RC10 was all that I needed to qualify to be a cowboy, then I would’ve put my application in years ago. Click through for the video.

Source: Youtube.com

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  1. Taylor says:

    As you said, they’re not the smartest animals out there. With that, they are just like what I assume to be a wide variety of animals out there. Once they are trained to a certain stimulus, they will do many things for you with little effort on your part.