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Reminder: Electric Cars Aren’t New

Posted in Collector Cars, Electric Cars by Kurt Ernst | February 11th, 2010 | 1 Response |

1918 Rauch Lang

Found on eBay is this 1918 Rauch and Lang electric car, built by Baker, Rauch and Lang of Cleveland, Ohio. The car has been in the same family since 1954, but was last restored in the late 1950s. The car has not run since 1960 and is being sold as is.

1918 Rauch Lang

Electric cars from manufacturers such as Baker, Columbia, Edison and Studebaker were a hit with consumers who wanted a quiet, convenient and vibration free alternative to the other power options of the day. At the turn of the century, electric powered cars had 38% of the market, steam powered cars had 40% and gasoline was a distant third with a 22% market share. Popularity of electric cars peaked in the United States in 1912, but by the end of the First World War they were all but gone from the US market.

Source: Green Car Reports

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One Response

  1. wallman says:

    Yes the gasoline car beat tthe electric car 100 years ago in popularity but it was only because the primitive lead acid batteries used in cars 100 yrs ago limited the range of those cars. If they had 100 yrs to develope they would have outclassed the internal combustion engine in every way. If the oil companies are unable to block them they will have a much greater range in just a few years. If I were the owner of an oil company I would welcome the electric car, not try to destroy it. There is only a limited amount of oil left and it is needed for aircraft and large trucks. But the greedy will always screw things up because they don’t care about the future.