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Reiter Engineering Gallardo GT2 Preps For European Le Mans Debut

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Noted for their superior engineering of several track-ready Lambo’s, Reiter Engineering is once again demonstrating their track-tuning prowess with the introduction of the Reiter Gallardo GT2. Although it shares both its name and basic structure with the Lamborghini Gallardo, the Reiter Gallardo GT2 shares little in common with the street legal Italian performance car. Designed specifically to compete in the European Le Man Series, the Reiter’s Gallardo GT2 ditches the traditional AWD in favor of RWD and was purposely engineered to be both slower and heavier than production version. Although it may seem bizarre, Reiter’s Gallardo GT2 reduces engine output from the stock 560-horsepower in order to meet Le Mans’ 500-hp limit, and packed some pounds on the Gallardo’s lean frame to cut the 1125kg weight requirement.

Still finishing the last leg of testing, the Reiter Gallardo GT2 will be MIA during the European Le Mans Series opening event in Barcelona, but is tentatively schedule to debut later in May. Explained team principal Hans Reiter of the delay, “It wouldn’t make any sense to contest a 1,000 kilometre race with so little testing completed. We’ll now put the new GT2 Gallardo through an extremely tough test programme before targeting a debut at the 1,000 kilometre race in Spa on the second weekend in May.”

Source: Reiter-Engineering via 4WheelsNews

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