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“Regular” McLaren F1 Not Enough For Ya? ’97 McLaren F1 GTR for Sale in Japan

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The road-going version of the McLaren F1 is quite possibly the greatest supercar … ever. I stand by that statement. The Veyron is faster, the Koenigsegg has more raw horsepower, but the F1 did it all, arguably with more class. And the GTR version was all that and more. It’s famous for winning the 1995 24 Hours of LeMans outright despite merely being entered in the GT1 class … the reliability and balance of the F1 GTR allowed it to triumph over much faster LeMans Prototypes. And now, if you have a vast wad of cash and access to a racetrack, you can own your own F1 GTR. How much? If you have to ask …

This is the last year of the F1 GTR, sporting long-tail bodywork to maximize downforce in an attempt to compete with the recently introduced CLK-GTR, a pure racecar designed in large part to take down the older F1 GTR. This car, chassis #28, was damaged in transport and rebuilt as a team spare, but did see some race time in late 1997.

[Source: wintel.co.jp]

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