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RedShift Moto Gets Dirty

Posted in Electric Vehicles, Motorcycle, News by Dustin Driver | August 10th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Redshift is what happens when stuff moves away from you really, really quickly. And that’s what electric motorcycle startup BRD hopes their new RedShift MX bike will do on the trails—at least until its batteries run out. 

Motocross. Screaming two-stroke monsters spitting thick blue smoke, dust and vaporized rubber. Not anymore. San Francisco-based electric motorcycle startup BRD has built a pair of motocross bikes that are as quiet and soothing as fluttering butterfly wings. The RedShift MX and RedShift SM are 250-cc equivalent electric bikes that are built to tear up dirt and get downright grimy without burning precious dino juice.

Both bikes have 40 horsepower and weight around 250 pounds, putting them on par with 250cc bikes like the KTM 250 SX-F. But torque—there are gobs of the stuff right off the line for burnout dust cloud generation or epic wheelies.

The bike is built like a modern motocrosser with a stiff monocoque chassis and cutting-edge long-travel suspension. The motor and battery are stressed and placed for optimal weight distribution.

What about range? The bike is good for 50 miles—if you don’t ride it like a maniac. The guys at BRD, however, want you to ride like a maniac. CEO Marc Fenigstein told Wired. “We expect people to ride the snot out of these in a way that hasn’t been possible on previous electrics. That’s going to affect the range and we want to be careful about getting the specification right.”

If you ride it properly, expect about 25 miles to a single charge.

Other details like release date and price remain nebulous, however Wired says the bike will retail for around $15,000. That’s a lot of scratch for a little bike, but its the price you pay for going green.

Source: Wired



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  1. Daniel says:

    put this in category: “things the world dont need”. who wants a silent MX bike? boooring