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Red-Light Camera Update: New York County Officials Admit Cameras Are For Revenue Only

Posted in Bizarre, Car Photography, Newsworthy, Parking, Politics, Roads, Safety, Scandal, Traffic by Vito Rispo | October 29th, 2008 | 1 Response |

The Newspaper is fast becoming one of my favorite online sources of information. They reported today that officials in Suffolk County, New York are admitting what we here at Ridelust have known for some time now – that red-light cameras have only one purpose: generating revenue. The county released a four-hundred-page review of it’s dire financial situation this month and it openly admits what red-light cameras are good for.

“At this point the County needs to make hard decisions,” the 2009 county budget review states. “Do we raise property taxes? Do we seek state approval to raise the overall sales tax rate? … Do we raise revenue from traffic tickets by instituting red light cameras? … These are some of the choices, none of which are attractive. Nevertheless, we must face reality and begin serious discussions on what direction to take.”

In fact, Suffolk County Legislature Presiding Officer William Lindsay said flat out in a meeting, “You know, we’ve been trying to get this legislation passed forever, and this year it was put in the governor’s suggested legislative package, so we’re very hopeful that it will get passed… if we don’t establish the Parking Violations Bureau, we don’t get the revenue.”

Wow. This is a clear example of how politics really works. And if you’re not disgusted by this, then you need to read it again.

A copy of the entire Suffolk County 2009 budget review is available, via The Newspaper, in a PDF file link below.

Suffolk County 2009 budget review

(via The Newspaper)

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