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Reality Check: Grand Theft Auto Style.

Posted in Car Chase, Chevrolet, Death Wish, General, GM, GMC, Videos by MrAngry | August 21st, 2010 | 2 Responses |

If you play video games and love automobiles like us then you have no doubt played something from the Grand Theft Auto Series. The games basic premise centers around having some good old fashion fun by way of stealing any type of car, truck or motorcycle you can get your hands on. Hell, you can even grab a helicopter if you want. What is amazing about the car chase that you are seeing above is that it looks EXACTLY like a scene out of the game. I’m serious about this too as I’ve stolen a pick-up truck (virtually of course), headed for the airport and tried my luck at ditching the po-po. Generally I don’t get too far, but hey, neither did this guy. Who knows, maybe he was playing the game and wanted to take a shot at the real thing. To bad for him though that he can’t just hit the reset button this time around.

Source: Jalopnik.com

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2 Responses

  1. DaveMofo says:

    The Dallas Police Dept. gets so very few chances to actually have a good police chase due to severe restrictions, I do believe they were rather excited this guy provided them with this excellent opportunity. It made their fucking day, I’m pretty sure :D

    Motorcycles? Can’t chase ‘em, due to a multiple fatality crash during a chase a few years back.
    Cars? You won’t get chased for anything less than a demonstrable felony, which has to of the violent kind.

    I’m not sure what the long term effect this will have, it doesn’t seem that anyone here has figured out what this means (except for the sport bike riders!).

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