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Reader’s Rides: Roadrunner’s 1967 Lone Star Limited Mustang

Posted in Car Photography, Ford, General, Mustang, Reader Rides by Kurt Ernst | April 20th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

A reader that goes by the name of Roadrunner sent in pics of her 1967 Mustang Lone Star Limited edition. Painted in Bluebonnet Blue, inspired by the popular and omnipresent Texas wildflower, the cars quickly became known as Bluebonnet Mustangs. All Lone Star Limited editions featured Bluebonnet Blue paint, special fender badging and the Sports Sprint option package. All were coupes, and all featured a blue interior, but customers could choose between the 200 cubic inch inline 6 and the 289 V8. A total of just 175 Lone Star Limited editions were built, and only a handful are still on the road today.

Roadrunner found her car parked in a field, where it had been sitting since 1980. A hardcore Mustang enthusiast, she knew right away what she’d found and couldn’t let the car rust into oblivion. Excluding the exterior paint (in the original paint code), Roadrunner did much of the restoration work herself.

Nice ride, and serious props for saving a classic (and very rare) Mustang.

Reference: 1967 Ford Mustang Hardtop – Bluebonnet Special

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