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Reader’s Rides – James’ ’68 AMC Ambassador SST

Posted in General, Reader Rides by Kurt Ernst | February 4th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |
1968 AMC Ambassador SST

Not something you see every day: a '68 Ambassador SST

I grew up turning wrenches in the family garage, and really miss the cars that were a dime a dozen back in the day. You still see plenty of Impalas, Fairlanes, Thunderbirds and even the occasional Rambler, but what you don’t see much of anymore are cars from American Motors Corporation. James Lafevers sent in pics of his 1968 AMC Ambassador SST, a trim line that was introduced in 1968 to make the car more appealing to younger buyers. The Ambassador was the first U.S. built automobile to feature air conditioning as standard equipment; in fact, the only other manufacturer to include A/C in 1968 was Rolls Royce.

1968 AMC Ambassador SST

Note the Pontiac GTO influence

Though the SST was dropped from the AMC model line in 1973, the Ambassador’s soldiered on for another year until production ended in 1974.

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