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Reader’s Rides: Jackie’s 1964 Chevy Impala SS

Posted in Chevrolet, Reader Rides by Kurt Ernst | March 10th, 2010 | 3 Responses |

1964 Chevy Impala SS

In 1964, Chevy offered the Impala SS in two door coupe and convertible models. Buyers could opt for any engine in the Impala lineup, ranging from the 235 cubic inch ‘Turbo Thrift’ inline six up to the ground-pounding 409 cubic inch ‘Turbo Thrust’ V8. The SS name referred to the appearance package (which included an upgraded interior and machine turned aluminum trim) and didn’t necessarily indicate that the car was a threat at the drag strip.

Jackie Farias owns this particular Impala SS, but he didn’t include any specs with his pictures. I think I see a 327 badge on the side of the car, indicating that it’s got the classic small block Chevy motor under the hood. The modern wheels give it a clean “resto rod” look and work well with the lines of the car.

Jackie, feel free to send me some specs (and a few more pics) and I’ll be happy to update the information.

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3 Responses

  1. inthebuff says:

    Nice Ride. I loved the mid 60s (64-66) Impala.

  2. Bob Lotz says:

    I have a 64 SS and would like a pic of the windlace where the door closes but attached to the rear section. Do I need an endcap for those..Thanks

  3. Bob Lotz says:

    by the way, that is a very nice ride