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Ram 1500: Code Name “Adventurer”

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Ram Adventurer

It looks like RAM is taking a page from the import worlds playbook by offering a soon-to-be-released Ram 1500 pickup designed for first time buyers who want to customize their trucks. Possibly to be called the Adventurer, the new truck takes some marketing ideas directly from the new Ram Tradesman that we wrote about earlier by offering a lot of truck for little money. The guys at Ram know that most young buyers will modify their trucks shortly after purchase, so it makes sense to offer them a great inexpensive platform for which to start with.

A blurb from Chrysler’s Press release states:
“We know we have the formula right,” said Ram Truck President and CEO Fred Diaz. “Now we just need a great name that promotes pride of ownership. This new Ram model will be an attractive alternative for a younger or first-time buyer looking for performance at an affordable price. Case in point, it will have more horsepower and a lower base price than our competitors’ entry-level performance cars with the added benefit of versatility and capability.”

Not only do I think that this is a great marketing strategy by Ram, but I have a feeling that it’s going to lure A LOT of potential buyers away from Ford and Chevrolet. Don’t be surprised however if you see them following suit with low budget performance trucks in the near future.

Source: Chrysler

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2 Responses

  1. harold riley says:

    love this truck will it take a lowering kit