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Ralph Lauren Finds Inspiration

Posted in Babes, Best of, Celebrity Cars, General, Girls, Top of the Heap by Jennifer Nicole | March 17th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Since we all know Ralph Lauren has one of the most sought after collections of automobiles, it should come as no surprise he takes inspiration from these vehicles for his various creative endeavors. In the past he has created a furniture line and produced several articles of clothing that take queues from his collection. This year Mr. Lauren has come out with new racing inspired clothing for his higher end Black Label line. Although it’s a bit unfair to come out with such cool jackets for such an expensive price, I wonder if Ralph will ever consider creating automotive inspired clothing for his less expensive mass marketed lines. Click through for my top picks from the collection:

Ralph Lauren Black Label Line

• Petra Leather Moto Dress: $2198
There is something to be said about a woman in a leather dress minus the whips and chains. When it is a classy dress and worn by the right woman it can give a perfect balance of both sexy and sophisticated.

• Ryland Leather Jacket: $2498
This leather jacket makes me want to grab my leather boots and hop on a motorcycle. I love the tasteful mix of red, white and black, along with the clean lines used to make this sporty and sexy at the same time.

Ralph Lauren Black Label Line

• Leather-Trim Knit Silk Jacket: $1998
This silk jacket with leather trim makes a bold statement. I could see any Lamborghini lover wanting to add this to their closet. Lauren uses great materials to contrast the bold colors and it looks great.

• 400 Crop Jean: $1895
These leather pants are fierce! Every girl needs to own at least one pair of sexy black pants, and why not make them leather?

Check out the prices: $2498 for ONE dress, $2498 for ONE leather jacket, and $1895 for ONE pair of pants. Seriously? Add that up and you could spend an epic weekend at Bob Bondurant and THAT experience would last a lifetime, unfortunately these clothes won’t!

*All Photos Courtesy of: Ralph Lauren

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  1. Off the mark* says:

    Why the fvck is this high priced female attire on this web site? Just because a guy with an insane car collection owns the product line, doesn’t make this RideLust worthy in my opinion… Get real. Next up, a feature on vanity mirrors in visors, and how they make you look fat.