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Myrtle Beach Officials Commit Political Genocide Against Bikers

Posted in Girls, Motorcycle by Corey | May 29th, 2009 | 9 Responses |


During this year’s pair of Biker rallies, held annually in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, officials were capable of fining anyone caught (only) wearing a thong in public $225 dollars.

Personally, I am incensed by this gratuitous legislative violation of every American’s right to “Life, Liberty, and the Asymptotic Pursuit of Nudity Without Ever Actually Achieving It and Thereby Being Arrested.”

However, I could probably understand such a law, having myself made plenty of comments in regard to the skinny-challenged among us who insist on stuffing themselves into crazy things like bikinis and sometimes even jeans.

Most disturbing, though, is that Myrtle Beach officials are a bunch of racist bastards legally mandating racist behavior, and we’re letting them get away with it!

It doesn’t matter what color you are, what gender, what religion, who you are, where you come from, or how well behaved you are–if you ride on two wheels, the Myrtle Beach town council doesn’t want anything to do with you.

That’s right, these people are racist–against motorcyclists of all races!

For those of you unfamiliar with our little rally here, Bike Week typically draws some 100,000 predominantly white Harley riders the week before memorial day, followed by the Black Biker Rally which draws more than double that number a week later, along with a load of extra “Busas, bling, and badonkadonk”. Having become a staple of the city, many businesses and bike shops depend on the revenues from these rallies to stay afloat, and innumerable college students have manged to work their way through school solely because of bikers’ insatiable appetite for food, fun, and inebriation. But a recent anti-rally sentiment welling up in Myrtle Beach’s councilmen and citizens has produced a slew of new laws which have effectively cut the number of rally-goers in half.


Besides banning thongs – which for some reason are substantially more revealing and inappropriate than those g-string bikinis people wear just a few blocks down on the beach everyday – officials also created 15 laws governing noise levels, mandatory helmets and eye protection, along with new ones just this year regulating the use of parking lots, loitering, bar closing times, and open containers, as well as instituting an overnight curfew for those under 18.

Some bikers chose to adhere to these new rules and made due in a a nearly suffocating atmosphere chock full of police presence. But about half chose to stay out of jail this year by just not coming. There have been efforts to move the rally to just outside the Myrtle Beach area, or perhaps even attempt a compromise with city council members which would overturn laws obviously intended to make it impossible for large crowds of bikes to gather together.

But some won’t have compromise: they want extermination. Tom Rice, a Myrtle Beach resident and member of the Take Back May Committee intent on eliminating the rallies altogether, told the Sun News:

“The people that profit from these things believe in tourism at all cost. In my opinion, the cost is too great in human life, the cost in human injury, the cost to our quality of life, the cost to our public safety and the cost to our reputation. When you add it all up, the cost is too great.”

Mr. Rice’s concerns are merited. What I can’t understand, though, is why the congestion, the danger, the risk, and the risque behavior of a bunch of men and women on motorcycles is somehow less manageable, less understandable, and less forgivable than the antics committed daily by partying college students. Officials are preserving the right of teenagers to gather en masse every spring break for the sole purpose of drinking, smoking, and committing other acts of debauchery, while simultaneously committing political genocide against all motorcyclists.


Despite the “sound” reasoning of the TBMC, their case is based on accepting and perpetuating the age-old stigma that bikers are a rough, rowdy, atheistic bunch of confederate-flag-waving black panthers with Hell’s Angels on their backs, tattoos on their buttocks, beards on their bitches, and a cult-like obsession for lawlessness, godlessness, lewdness, pot, pipes, sex, and unspeakably sinful acts of all kinds. When bikers are good, they are exceptions to the rule, like Booker T. or DuBoise or Jackie Robinson. But when the bad apples of the bunch act out, oh, well, it’s proof of their true nature.

Bikers looking for a gathering spot here in the Southeast will eventually be forced to look elsewhere, like Atlanta or Daytona, or even the mecca of all biker rallies–the holy land of Sturgis, South Dakota, where public nudity, drunkenness, and asinine behavior are glorified year in and year out to the joy of the six or seven residents who own very empty bars the other 51 weeks of the year.

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9 Responses

  1. HDC Somerset says:

    What a great rally wish i was there.

  2. Steve says:

    If the Myrtle beach council want to promote their resort as a wholesome family destination free from lasciviousness, sin and debauchery, then so be it. My advice, move, find an alternative location where the city fathers are more interested in profit than morals. Obviously the combination of motorcycles and bounteous women displaying the gifts nature bestowed on them, will be publicly perceived as enticements into the world of personal delinquency from which there is no hope of spiritual or moral salvation. Bullshit, Bollocks and Codswallop (delete as appropriate) It’s just young people doing something dangerous on holiday that makes them feel alive for a few hard earnt days each year. The perpetual problem for events of this sort is that there will always be some frightened, envious, annally retentive, hair shirt wearing killjoy. Who, will by a combination of means, usually holding some form of public office and the incitement of fear and hatred in the local populace regarding the posssible corruption or danger to their or their electors offspring. Stop anybody having any fun or doing anything remotely risque or possibly dangerous. So as there are laws that deprive us of our personal liberty for quite a long time if we kill them, we have to tolerate the bigoted, the racist and misguided who still unfortunately hold sway in our world.

  3. Timothy Luttrell says:

    Lets just show Myrtle Beach how the visitor thinks. Lets completely leave there, and let their economy tank so bad, they cant even mow their public parks anymore. They want hardball, lets give them hardball. Hit them in their wallets, and they will give in, they always do. No More Bike Rallies, no more vacations, no more anything…. Drive south to FL and help them, they are not as bad.

    • xEMO says:

      Come to Nashville

      • Jeffrey says:

        When Chattanooga, TN, played host to a recent HOG convention, the city council passed temporary ordinances to help make the city biker friendly. They eliminated the noise ordinance for during the event and bagged all the parking meters within about 6 blocks of the event site, limiting those spaces to motorcycle parking only while eliminating the meter fees.

        They recognized that the HOG convention would bring in tourist dollars… and they were right. All of the hotels were book solid and it brought in a couple of million dollars to the local economy.

        Chattanooga also respect the participants in the annual Trail of Tears rally. It is makes economic sense.

  4. Unclebingo says:

    You can’t swoop down on the city and make life impossible. I have gone to the rally 5 or 6 times and every year the police were really unfriendly. However the corporations have made great strides opening up the city. Its really sad that we couldn’t have found some way to make the life of the citizens of Myrtle beach life for 2 weeks more livable.

    We the bikers should pay for the clean up and the food for the police and maybe donate to the city of Myrtle beach and North Myrtle beach. The laws that the city made shows how the free market can really be tossed aside and the people suffer. 300,000+ vacationers in 2 weeks is worth the effort South Carolina!!

  5. Just to let the readers be made aware of, that I am the Pro-bike Rally candidate for Horry County Council Chairman.
    My opponent was responsible for the committee that made recommendations to the Myrtle Beach city council in regards to the laws that would govern such rallies within city limits.
    A sad thing is that some bikers who hated the laws are voting for him.
    An interview is located here – http://www.carolinalive.com/carolinathisweek

  6. Robert says:

    I wonder how women wearing thongs look after a motorcycle accident.

  7. Tammi says:

    Bikinis belong at the beach/pool NOT all around town. Learn a little decency and respet for others if you don’t have enough for yourself. Some sort of decency standard has to be met. How can one take their children out in public and worry that some female thinks it is her right to strut all her goods out in the open! Have some respect for others and children you are exposing this lewdness to. We should be able to drive around safely without being subjected to this! You have your bars/beaches. I know what to expect there & can simply avoid those places, but while out on the roadway you are subjecting others to your behavior in a positive or negative way.