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Racing In Australia Is Different Than Racing In America

Posted in Bizarre, Racing, Videos by Kurt Ernst | October 21st, 2010 | 4 Responses |

For starters, Aussies sit on the wrong side of the car, a strange remnant from their days under British rule. Next, they have summer in winter and winter in summer, but you can eventually get used to all of those minor details. It’s harder to get used to the wildlife you can encounter on an Australian racetrack, since you don’t find kangaroos hopping around Road Atlanta or Laguna Seca.

I’ve hit a rabbit at speed on a racetrack, and it was no big deal (speaking form my perspective, not the rabbit’s). A couple of thumps, some fur in the radiator and that’s that; you can’t say the same about a kangaroo, which seems like it would equate to hitting a tall, muscular deer. In fact, kangaroos are just one of the many species of critters that can kill you in Australia, but at least they’re not poisonous (like just about every other Aussie insect or animal).

Maybe they’re on to something here; radio controlled, robotic kangaroos, unleashed at random intervals, would make NASCAR a whole lot more entertaining. It sure would add a new dimension to the sport.

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4 Responses

  1. ds440 says:

    Well, Dale Earnhardt did hit a seagull at Daytona once….but I’m not sure that counts. Especially when you consider the kinds of wildlife the WRC drivers are constantly dodging. I think it was Tommi Makinen who hit a cow(?).

  2. eddie_5.0 says:

    kurt i think you have been playing to many video games.this may sound a little bit disgusting but i hit a skunk,coming down a steep embankment right at the exact bottom of the hill the skunk came waddling across the road and i flattened him with my oil pan, nothing got rid of the stink -stunk for month!

  3. Kurt says:

    eddie – brother, I feel your pain. My wife waffled a skunk one time, and had to park the car outside for about a month. No amount of washing would get rid of the stink.

    For the record, I’ve hit rabbits and snakes at speed on a racetrack, with no drama. One the street, I’ve taken out two deer with cars and once hit a dead raccoon, at speed, on a a bike. Good times…

  4. Kurt says:

    ds440, Christiano deMatta hit a deer in an IndyCar at Road America. The accident ended his IndyCar career, but he’s racing Grand Prix trucks now. I guess you don’t worry about avoiding a deer in a racing truck.